Rep. Says Fatal Crash Shows Laws Need Changing

A Hampton official wants to keep "threat[s] to the general public" like Darriean Hess off the streets after their first traffic infraction.

Darriean Hess, 19, of Seabrook, as shown in her booking photo. [Credit: Hampton Police Department]
Darriean Hess, 19, of Seabrook, as shown in her booking photo. [Credit: Hampton Police Department]

Hampton State Rep. Renny Cushing has told WMUR that he would like to see driving without a license made a misdemeanor offense instead of the traffic violation that it is, which he hopes will make New Hampshire roads safer in the wake of the Sept. 21 crash that killed two cyclists and injured two others.

Darriean Hess, the 19-year-old unlicensed Seabrook driver charged with causing that fatal crash on the Neil R. Underwood Memorial Bridge, was recently released on $50,000 bail.

Hess was stopped for speeding and driving without a license less than eight hours before she caused the fatal crash, which occurred in the same area as her traffic stop. She was issued citations for the violations and ordered not to drive, although the friend that drove car away from the scene — Cindy Sheppard, 48, of Hampton — allegedly gave Hess the keys to the vehicle and gave her a narcotic painkiller before allowing her to get back behind the wheel.

The fatal crash occurred roughly half an hour after the keys were allegedly returned to Hess. Sheppard — an alleged drug dealer — and Hess' fiance Scott Martin, 19, of Seabrook, have also been charged in connection to the crash.

WMUR has reported that Cushing said Hess would've been arrested after her traffic stop if driving without a license was a misdemeanor offense. Cushing also reportedly said anyone who operates a car "in a reckless manner... should be arrested and face a misdemeanor charge" because that reckless operation shows the individual in question is a "threat to the general public."


Kyle Stucker September 30, 2013 at 12:22 PM
I respectfully ask that all of you try to refrain from expletives and inappropriate language in your responses. Also, I ask that all of you keep in mind that no one has been convicted in connection to the incident, and that regardless of the outcome of any court proceedings and investigations, they are still people and everyone makes mistakes.
Kthompson812 October 01, 2013 at 09:34 AM
Entire story is backward information? She was pulled over doing 59 in a 30 zone, driving a car while not having a license. She was given notice of her violations and had her drug dealing friend pick her up. Less than 9 hours later she was back in the same car, after buying drugs from friend, and proceeded to drive at a highe rate of speed, lose control of vehicle, strike and KILL two innocent bikers, seriously injure two others, and roll to a stop after crashing into Welcome to Seabrook sign (classic). Please tell us which part is backward? Tell us how she is the victim here?
Kthompson812 October 05, 2013 at 10:43 AM
Still waiting for "media_ishorrid" to explain which part of the story is backwards? I guess silence is very telling here.
Kthompson812 October 05, 2013 at 11:28 AM
Perhaps if I explain my "skank" label then Media ishorrid would then respond. According to the Meriam Webster dictionary: Skank - slang term: a person and especially a woman of low or sleazy character. Now consider the follow for examples of low/sleezy character: 1.) Facebook posts (since deleted) talking about speeding while suggesting drugs in car, pics posted of different trashy outfits highlighting bare stomach, slutty hair mods, tacky fishnets, and a poorly designed tattoo. 2.) Driving without a license. 3.) Driving twice the speed limit while not having a license. 4.) Calling a suspected drug dealer to come pick you up after being stopped by police for driving twice the speed limit with no license. 5.) Driving the same car eight hours after police cited you for driving without a license and forbid you to drive. 6.) Buying drugs from suspected drug dealing friend who picked you up (as claimed by suspected drug friend) a half hour before driving car police forbid you to drive eight hours prior. 7.) Driving car eight hours after police cited you for driving without a license, and a half hour after buying drugs allegedly, and losing control of car, KILLING two people, injuring two others. I believe I have presented enough justification to express that in my opinion, she is a skank. As a further gesture to media is horrid, let me offer the following, also taken from the Meriam Webster dictionary: 1.) Exactly - not exactley 2.) Tragedy - not tradegy 3.) Mourns - not morns 4.) Sensing - not sencing........So now tell me what part of the story do we have backwards?


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