Shred It Girl: Two Girls, a Surfboard and a Dream

Are you 'Shreddy'? Look for the rust-colored Hummer, coming to the area this afternoon.

It's not an official motto, but you might say the underlying message behind Shred It Girl is something like: "You don't have to be a ballerina."

No offense to ballerinas, but co-founders Erica Tomaszewski and Alicia Baldino, both 22, prefer shredding it on the slopes to spinning in a tutu.

Tomaszewski, of Nashua, and Baldino, of New York, say their motto is actually, "Are you Shreddy?" which sort of sums up the culture of being a Shred It Girl.

The two met while students at Franklin Pierce University, studying journalism. In contemplating their future, they had the feeling they were on to something with their mutual love for board sports.

"I started skiing with my family at age 3, and I hated it. I hated our family vacations to Vermont. My parents put me on a snowboard one year and that was it for me," Baldino said.

Ditto that for Tomaszewski, who discovered snow boarding while in the second grade, before it was mainstream.

They've grown up with the idea that girls are just as shred-worthy as boys, but lacked solid role models or a source that promoted the board sport culture with a feminine twist.

So they decided to create it.

In February, Shred It Girl came together, once Tomaszewsi hit on the right name. They officially launched an online magazine by the same name, www.shreditgirl.com, where they combine their love of board sports with their mad journalism skills, to chronicle their adventures and build a community targeting like-minded females.

"Shred it Girl’s mission is to create a sense of community for female board sport athletes and amateurs and break through the primarily male-dominated board sport industry," Tomaszewski said. "Shred it Girl provides a place where girls can feel comfortable and secure about progressing in their board sport without any pressure, while providing female riders of all experience levels ways to improve their skills and connect with other riders in the community."

Once they got through graduation in May, the two women hatched a plan for touring the Northeast coast starting with Hampton Beach and North Beach, and they expect to land today at 12:30 at . A second stop is planned at at 3 p.m.

Then it's on, to Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, and Philly.

Their focus is generally on all board sports including surfing, skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and wakeboarding. Their site  concentrates on local events and competitors, and features tips in nutrition, exercise, and staying in shape during the off-season.

They also follow the local music scene in order to discover new and exciting music to share with their audience, to pump them up during their workouts and riding sessions. The site is updated weekly with articles, videos, photos, and surveys.

"Erica and I are doing this from a journalism standpoint – we're reporting on a culture, and while we're not experts at the sport, we love it so much, and we like to meet the experts and report back to the community on what's happening," Tomaszewski said.

The tour is designed to promote their site as well as interview female riders along the way, meet with shop owners, attend events, visit skate parks, check out beach hot spots, scope out mountains, and host meet-and-greets.

Although they had to turn down an invitation to speak at a UK skateboard camp, they have penciled it in for next year.

"We need to work toward that, but it was exciting to be asked," Tomaszewski said.

Another short-term goal is finding sponsors.

"We're financing this trip on our own. We've packed a lot of snacks, and we're on a budget," Tomaszewski said. "Ideally we'd like to find a helmet company or an energy bar or sports drink company who'd like to sponsor our site."

Follow ShredItGirl on Facebook and Twitter @ShredItGirl

Shred It Girl Road Trip Schedule:

July 23: Hampton Beach

July 24: Seabrook

July 25: Boston

July 26: Narragansett, RI

July 27: Hartford, CT

July 27: Westport, CT

July 28: Bradley Beach, NJ

July 28: Belmar Beach, NJ

July 28: Seaside Heights, NJ

July 29: Newton, PA

July 30: New York, NY

July 31: Vernon, NJ

Aug. 1: Hillburn, NY

Molly Buccini July 23, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Congrats Erica and Alicia! :)


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