Police May Charge Darriean Hess This Afternoon

A press conference has been scheduled to release new information about the investigation into Saturday's fatal crash.

Darriean Hess, 20, of Seabrook. [CREDIT: Facebook.com]
Darriean Hess, 20, of Seabrook. [CREDIT: Facebook.com]
Police officials and county authorities plan to release new information Tuesday afternoon about the investigation into Saturday's fatal crash on the Neil R. Underwood Memorial Bridge

Charges for Darriean Hess, 20, of Seabrook, will likely be announced for the first time during the press conference, which according to Rockingham County Attorney Jim Reams will be held at 4 p.m. outside the Hampton police station. Several media outlets are reporting that she was just brought in to the Hampton Police Station for booking.

Deputy Police Chief Rich Sawyer declined comment in advance of the press conference, stating that Chief Jamie Sullivan will release information about the case during the press conference.

Hess, who doesn't have a license, was pulled over after doing 59 in a 30-mph zone while crossing north over the bridge at 12:45 a.m. Saturday, less than eight hours before police say she caused the collision that killed two cyclists and injured two others.

Sawyer previously told Patch that Hess' vehicle "veered over into the northbound lane" for unknown reasons, struck the cyclists and "road along" various structures, curbing and sidewalk on the bridge "for a distance" before it "popped back onto the road," "crossed back over" into the southbound lane, and "hit several road signs." 

The vehicle came to a stop after it "decimated" the "Welcome to Seabrook Beach" sign, according to Sawyer.

Hess voluntarily submitted to alcohol and drug testing following the crash, and Sawyer said Monday that his department was still waiting on the results of those screenings.

The department was also looking into the possibility that Hess may have been distracted behind the wheel, whether due to the use of a cell phone or for other reasons.

"We're investigating all possibilities, [including] the possibility that she may have been on the phone," said Sawyer on Monday.

More to come.
Richard Davies September 24, 2013 at 10:21 PM
hey none "she does not care" proper English people.
Richard Davies September 24, 2013 at 10:26 PM
This is a crime of arrogance and stupidity not intentional murder. I feel bad for this young woman. If she is a good person she will suffer from the results of her actions. Yes she must also be punished by the law, but is this an act of deliberate evil ?
eb50 September 26, 2013 at 10:07 AM
Deliberate act of negligence and disrespect for the law and man kind. Should make her ride a bicycle for 20 years over the bridge back and forth.


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