Mr. Kilgore Responds to Mr. Miller Regarding Article 7

220 Atlantic Ave
220 Atlantic Ave

Mr. Miller,

I do object to the Safety Complex across the street from my home, much like you object to the occasional noise created by Motorcycles driving down Mill road and Gun Shots heard from the Hampton Rod and Gun Club.  Why are my concerns about noise, lights and traffic any less then yours regarding Motorcycle noise and Gun Club activity?  Are my concerns not as valid as yours because you live on Mill Road?  Why are my objections to a 17,000 square foot Safety Complex any less of a concern then Select Board Member Phil Wilson's objection to Cell Towers near his property?  Mr. Wilson objects to 120 foot Cell Tower disguised as a Pine Tree near Runnymede Circle but he is for a 17,000 Square Foot Safety Complex disguised as a farmhouse in a neighborhood of 2,000 square foot homes.


I guess if you live on the West Side of Mill Road you need to "Accept" that the complex will be there.  Those were your very words to Kathy and I as well as Hope Miller back in June when this process started.  I asked to be on the Municipal Complex Committee but you and Mr. Wilson decided to silence my voice because of my opinion on the Safety Complex. 


The use of channel 22 as a commercial channel for this Select Board reinforces my point that dissent has been silenced and a single message from this board is the only message heard.


To your point that I was not at the Deliberative Session on February 1st, well, I have this pesky thing and it is called a JOB.  This JOB required me to be in Hong Kong at that time.  I will note that I watched The Deliberative Session live, via the Internet and Town Hall Streams.  The modern age is a wonderful thing and I was able to watch from half a world away.  During that time I incurred about $100 in roaming fees texting my Wife as she sat through the Deliberative Session representing our family.  Thank you for being so understanding of the fact that I have to work this hard so I can pay my taxes.


I stand proudly with my friends and neighbors that have fought this plan from the beginning.  The overwhelming support we have received from the Citizens of North Hampton has been gratifying and we greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!


Wally Kilgore

220 North Hampton, New Hampshire


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