In Response to Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson, you seem to forget that the Select Board made the decision that this was the only option to pursue. Maybe the more you tell your story, more you believe it as being real. The claim that the public participating in the Town Charrette on June 14 & 15 determine the layout of the proposed complex is an outright LIE. The Town of North Hampton had Ricci Construction Co draw up a plan that placed the buildings as they are in the plan you are pushing. The plan is date stamped June 11 clearly stateing it was produced for the Town of North Hampton. Once produced and delivered to the Town Governing body it was circulated amongst the Town Departments and eved presented to Wally day prior to the Charrette in our home. I suggest you both go back to the video archives of the Select Board meetings on the Town's website and refresh your memories of the days and weeks after the Charrette. This Board would not discuss any other options, not with us or any other resident that came before you during meetings.
Jim Maggiore March 05, 2014 at 12:51 PM
Mrs and Mr Kilgore. You are alleging the architects, planners, and engineers of Plan NH who conducted the June 14 & 15 charrette did so with some preconceived, premeditated agenda bias to one plan. There is no evidence for this allegation. The Plan NH professionals had access to a number of prior plans – and nearly every other study and document accumulated over 13 years of study -- but didn’t use the prior plans as they set out to look at our facilities. Plan NH made it quite clear on Saturday morning, June 15 that they went into the design phase of their charrette with an open mind and were responsive to the comments and suggestions from the floor. If you are unconvinced of that fact then I suggest you contact Plan NH and make your accusations known to them. The Board never met outside of a public meeting between the time we committed to the charrette and June 14 /15 to consider any proposals and since June 14/15 the Board has consistently invited public input on this proposed plan. The Board never adopted a draft plan from any firm between WarrenStreet in 2011 and hiring Lavallee Brensinger. Over 150 people have worked on the design of the proposed campus. All of the experts: the architect, the construction manager, the volunteer professionals who served on the charrette – many times before, during and after the charrette – concluded that the public safety center should be on the corner of Alden and Atlantic for public safety reasons and, more importantly, to save the cost of having to relocate the departments during any renovations. These conclusions have been reached by so many professionals that the argument for it is compelling. Jim Maggiore North Hampton


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