Mind Chatter = Mind Voices

Today I am happy to share a post from Betsy Karp www.iadoreme.com, a Life Stylist who helps you to live your inspired life. We all have mind chatter or as Betsy refers to them as Mind Voices.

Today I am happy to share a post from Betsy Karp www.iadoreme.com, a Life Stylist who helps you to live your inspired life.  We all have mind chatter or as Betsy refers to them as Mind Voices.  I love her suggestions to quiet them or even better, shift them.  



Are you thinking good thoughts or negative thoughts, kind or hurtful thoughts, abusive or loving thoughts? Our minds are incredible. They are our personal computers. Everything stems from our minds.

Mind voices are a mixture of our past, our relationships, our feelings and our emotions. It’s all stuff that happened in the past. Yes, it is true that we need a past to live our present lives, but it’s learning to let go of the drama, old habits, pain and resentment that enable us to create new beginnings for ourselves. Isn’t time you let those mind voices go?

Mind voices are acts of plays that we run in our heads. I have complete dialogues with myself. There are at times 10 people acting out a play in my mind chatter. What annoys me the most is that it’s usually the negative side of me – the fear, the worrywart, and the obsessive chatter – that just won’t stop. It can drive me mad. The only way I can escape from it is by taking action. Getting out of mind chatter isn’t always so easy. But when you shift your mindset and say “next,” everything starts to shift.

Deepak Chopra talked about mind chatter at Oprah’s Live Class. The audience said, “Really just say Next? Yeah, YOU try it!” He responded with, “I have, and this is what works. Go to your NEXT thought. It’s as simple as that. Try it!”

Take a moment and think of something positive about yourself. Imagine something that you enjoy, that makes you feel good. I love to cook so I think of that. It can be anything: a friend, a memory, a traveled experience, or a lover. This will help you get you out of your mind voices and all of the negativity, taking you to your NEXT thought.

The real awakening here is that it’s all about learning to just live in the Now! Here are some things that have helped me. Maybe, these action steps can help you as well:

  • I take a walk
  • I ride my bike (this is actually is one of the most spiritual exercises you can do for yourself. Let go of the “stuck” and old emotions while riding in nature. It’s a true gift)
    I sometimes put on soothing music, get quiet and meditate (mediating can be so healing. It let’s you get rid of all the emotions that are riling up inside of you. Most of the voices are probably fear based and ego driven. This is really where the mind voices go to town on you. The old chatter comes in bringing old pain, fear and rejection…just old, crummy stuff)
    When we relax, breathe and stop taking ourselves so seriously, that’s where the unfolding and love comes through.
  • Meditating gets us clear and grounded so that we can possibly be quieter in our minds. It is a wonderful way to say goodbye to the painful mind voices we project on ourselves. It is our own internal mind voices that create our pain and inner turmoil. Let it go, exercise, say “NEXT,” meditate and see how those excessive voices just start to vanish. Phew! Doesn’t that feel good?


Betsy was a guest on Planting Seeds of Love on May 1st, where she helped us all to understand just how embracing and owning our complete self – all aspects – not only amps our joy quotient, but our love quotient, too. Here’s a link to listen to the interview.

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